SURP in NYU Shanghai

In this summer, I joined the SURP (Summer Undergraduate Research Program) – a 10-weeks research experience in NYU-ECNU institute for brain and cognitive sciences at NYU(New York University) Shanghai.

NYU’s News about me and that SURP:
Nurturing Science Careers: NYU Shanghai’s Incubator for Future Neuroscientists

Based on my previous research in Visual Working memory, I joined Dr. Jeffrey Erlich’s lab for we shared interest in working memory.

In this summer, I mainly focused on my own visual-working memory project. I stuided visual working memory(VWM) based decision-making in the rodent.

I quickly learned to program the state-of-the-art B-Pod behavioral training system developed by the lab, and I designed a 9-stages experiment protocol to train mice to perform a visual working memory task.

Mouse was performing the visual working memory task

Mouse was performing the visual working memory task

In the end, my advisor (Dr. Jeffrey Erlich) highly appraised my work.

he said:

I was really impressed by Jingjie’s dedication and skills. He made a real contribution during his summer in the lab’. (Shown in the NYU Shanghai Website)

Speaking at the SURP final presentation

I was speaking at the SURP final presentation

with prof Erlich in the lab

With Dr. Jeffrey C. Erlich in the lab

In this project. I firstly read several articles to reasoning the hypothesis and then, I developed a protocol to train my animals. By going though this project, I learn a lot about how to running rodent behavior experiments using the BPOD system. I got a very deep understanding toward the system, including how it communicate with DB, how it generate FSM(Finate-State-Meachine) and the hardware part-how it interact and record animals’ behavior preciesly.