Build My Own REAL Bpod System

To train my own mouse and rats, I tried to build my own bpod system in my home university(XJTU), in Prof.Changhe’s lab. I build a real bpod system, based on Joshua Sander’s preliminary design (Bpod r-0.5). This stuff can actually be used for train the animals.

About BPOD and this work

The B-Pod system is developed by Joshua Sanders in his initial open research instruments (The BPOD r0.5) while completing his PhD in Kepecs Lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

This project is my first trial to make a real functional B-Pod system, which I want to train my own animals. The introductions and overview of the B-Pod is covered in my previous post here.

Building the hearware part of B-Pod

wait to be filled…

Building the rodent behvioural ports & port breakout PCB

Building the B-Pod arduino shield PCB

Building the behavioural box